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Where is the Industry Headed?

TCP Partners, Lana Batts and Richard Mikes, discuss where the trucking industry is headed in an annual report covering the current industry trends. Some of the topics covered include drivers, equipment, and capacity. Read the full paper.

Carriers Anticipate Continued Capacity Constraints

Transport Topics reviews two recent TCP surveys that indicate a slowing in freight demand as well as “continued capacity constraints.” TCP’s fourth quarter Business Expectations survey showed that 34% of the fleets surveyed are planning to add equipment in the next 12 months but this is primarily replacement of aging equipment. To read more about TCP’s recent survey and industry trends such as driver additions, click here.

Carriers Worried About Labor Shortages covers the recent survey conducted by TCP which shows that carriers are worried about labor shortages. Read more.

Issues Carriers Will Face in 2011

Fleet Owner cites the recent TCP Business Expectations Survey in its article geared towards the issues that carriers will face in 2011. These issues include driver shortages and small fleet survivability. Read the full article here. Read more.

Due to Trucker Shortage, Increased Focus on Recruitment Efforts

Refrigerated Transporter also points out TCP’s finding that there is a trucker shortage. While larger carriers have a more difficult time recruiting new drivers, an increased focus on improving recruitment efforts is evident throughout the industry. Read the full article.

Two-Thirds of Carriers Report Driver Shortage

According to, TCP’s Business Expectations Survey offers much insight into the current supply and demand dynamics of drivers in the trucking industry. While trucker recruiting is a growing problem during this shortage, truckers are in a favorable position. Read the full article.

Carriers Focus on Recruiting Drivers and Using Fewer Brokers

In the article “Next Exit: Driver Shortage?” discusses the predicted scarcity of truck drivers and the implications of this condition for the industry. The author highlights TCP’s findings that industry professionals are focusing on recruiting drivers and are using fewer brokers. Read the full article.

Driver Shortage Due to Increased Freight discusses TCP’s Business Expectation Survey’s finding that there is currently a driver shortage due to increased amounts of truck freight. The article notes carriers’ reported decrease in dependence on brokers and a supply-demand dynamic that favors truckers. Read the full article.

Driver Shortage Increases Recruiting Efforts

Kevin Jones of reports TCP’s latest Business Expectations Survey’s findings about how carriers are responding to the current driver shortage. Because of this shortage, carriers are working to improve driver recruiting efforts. Read the full article.

Drivers Optimistic About Second Quarter 2010 outlines TCP’s Business Expectations Survey for 2010’s second quarter. The article focuses on truckers’ strong optimism for the near future of the industry. Read the full article.