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Growing Shortage of Drivers may Cause Capacity Crunch discusses how The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals just released its 2012 Annual State of Logistics Report which predicts that a growing shortage of drivers might cause a capacity crunch. The Report cites data from TCP’s 4th Quarter Business Expectations Survey which showed that about 18% of carriers surveyed reported 6-10% unseated trucks. For more information about the report, read the full article here.

Carriers Experience Challenges Balancing Capacity and Drivers

In a recent article by Logistics Management about the slight decrease in driver turnover of large fleets in the last quarter, Lana Batts is quoted discussing the current challenges that carriers face balancing capacity and drivers. Read the full article here.

The 60,000 Questions Interview with Richard Mikes

Jason Rhyno of Today’s Trucking Magazine recently sat down with Richard Mikes of Transport Capital Partners to discuss driver wages and turnover. The results from TCP’s fourth quarter 2011 Business Expectations Survey show that two-thirds of surveyed carriers think that wages must be more than $60,000 to attract and retain drivers. Additionally the American Trucking Association (ATA) data shows that driver turnover rates doubled in the second half of 2011. Mikes discusses the importance of carriers balancing in 2012: balancing available trucks with rising freight volumes and balancing driver wages with existing rates. Read the full “The 60,000 Questions” article here.

CNBC Reports on Shortage of Qualified Truck Drivers reports that while the U.S. GDP is improving, there are still a number of jobs that are difficult to fill. In addition to software developers, accountants, and nurses, there is a shortage of qualified truck drivers. Data from TCP’s fourth quarter 2011 Business Expectations Survey is cited stating that the driver shortage has improved slightly but 70 percent of carriers still report empty seats. Click here to read more.

Driver Shortage Continues But Carriers Are Agressively Recruiting

According to TCP’s fourth quarter carrier industry survey and a recent article by Bulk Transporter, driver issues continue for carriers. While a driver shortage still exists, Mikes, TCP Partner, notes that “Carriers are aggressively recruiting and are opening more training slots, while the lack of extension of unemployment benefits is potentially encouraging people to seek jobs and training.” Click here to read more.

Survey Results Suggest a 30% Increase in Current Driver Pay

A recent article by Supply Chain Digest (SCD) says that the findings from TCP’s fourth quarter survey regarding driver wages would signify a 30% increase in current pay. Due to this increase rates would have to be raised by at least 11%. Click here to read more and to view the graphics SCD selected for the article.

Carriers Anticipate an Increase in Driver Wages

A recent article by highlights some of the findings in TCP’s recent fourth quarter 2011 Business Expectations Survey which shows that 65% of carriers anticipate that driver pay will need to be north of $60,000 to both attract and retain drivers. Read the full article here.

Balance a Keyword in 2012

An article from Today’s Trucking discusses the findings of TCP’s recent survey which shows that a driver shortage continues and wage expectations for drivers has shifted. Some of the partners were quoted discussing the results, noting that “balance will be a keyword in 2012”. Click here to read the full article.

Tonnage “In Check” and In Line With Historical Trends

Despite a decline in tonnage, reports some interesting news for the trucking industry. According to chief ATA economist Bob Costello, the number of trucks operating is down and carriers are having trouble recruiting drivers, which is keeping “tonnage in check.” The decrease in tonnage, however, is in line with historical trends and over half of carriers from TCP’s Third Quarter Business Expectations survey said that their rates did increase over the last three months. Read the full article here.

Recent Increase in Driver Turnover for Large Fleets

Transport Topics reports that in the first quarter of this year, driver turnover “reached the highest level in nearly three years” for larger fleets ($30 million in revenue or more). Mikes points out that smaller fleets are more inclined to have less turnover as they “tend to have shorter lengths of haul, which gives drivers more time at home.” To read more about the recent increase in driver turnover, click here.